Current Tax Alerts

Current Tax Alerts


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Export Compliance Guide

This guide contains a summary of the rules (effective 3 May 2014) governing the zero-rating of indirect exports as well as the documentary retention requirements for direct exports. It should be used as a guideline only. Where uncertainty exists with regards to specific transactions in practice, professional assistance should always be sought.

CIT legal changes introduction letter

The notice states changes that SARS will be implementing to the Company Income Tax Return (ITR14).

Dispute Resolution Guide

The document is a general guide dealing with the resolution of tax disputes in South Africa.

A Modernised Income Tax Return for Trusts

SARS has introduced a modernised and fully customised Income Tax Return for Trusts (ITR12T) replacing the old IT12TR return. The new return aims to improve the experience you will have when completing it because it is interactive and fully customised as well as pre-populated with the trust’s information. The guide will assist you in completing the return.

Kluh Investments (Pty) Ltd v CSARS

This is a successful appeal against the dismissal by the tax Court (Judge Davis sitting with two assessors) of an appeal brought in that court against an additional assessment levied by SARS. The dispute was, in essence, whether the amount accrued to Kluh Investments (Pty) Ltd as a person carrying on farming operations. SARS said yes, Kluh Investments said no.

Advisory - Override Functionality on eFiling

SARS is currently refining the Override functionality on eFiling. While a long-term solution is being finalised, the Override functionality has been temporarily suspended.

Postal addresses used for documents bigger than the 2mb limit set for SARS emails

SARS has issued postal addresses to be used for documents larger than the 2mb limit set for SARS emails. The document also contains the SARS email addresses and fax number for the SARS regions.

The tax suite guide to provisional tax 2015

The Guide is based on the law as at 16 January 2014. It therefore includes amendments made by the Tax Administration Laws Amendment Act. The Guide deals with provisional tax in the Fourth Schedule.
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