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ICMS Masters Trust (Peast) Notice

Please note that as from Monday 5 August 2013 all new Trust Registrations have to be submitted together with completed new Trust Forms.

Basic Framework for an Individual earning remuneration

Individuals earning remuneration are treated differently than taxpayer carrying on other trades. For these so-called salary earners the deductions that they are allowed against their remuneration earned are limited (assuming their remuneration is not more than 50% in the form of commission) and there is a specific sequence in which the deductions should be claimed calculated. This framework applicable for the 2013 and 2014 years of assessment, provide guidance as far as the deductions available to salary earners and more specifically to the sequence of the deductions in the calculation of the tax liability of these taxpayer.”

Voluntary “Disclosure Application Form (VDP01)”

Voluntary "Disclosure Application Form (VDP01)”

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